Metamarkets — San Francisco, CA May 2013-Present

  • Designed and built the druid admin console.
  • Developed product metrics based on user activity.
  • Instrumented the Metamarkets web application to track user actions.
  • Built internal web interfaces for Metamarkets’ ingestion system.
  • Developed a system to attribute operational costs on a per-customer basis, which enabled per-customer margin analysis.

Oracle (acquired DataRaker) — San Francisco, CA February 2013-May 2013

Principal Data Scientist, Utility Cloud Analytics

DataRaker — San Francisco, CA June 2011-January 2013

Senior Analyst
  • Designed and built an interactive html5 web app that enables our analysts to quickly visualize, trace, and debug our core analytical processes.
  • Developed, deployed, and validated new analytical approaches to the high-resolution smart meter data that forms the core of our business.
  • Designed and built an internal web app to generate, run, and display reports written in R for the analytics team.

DataRaker — San Francisco, CA June 2010-June 2011

User Experience Product Manager
  • Redesigned the primary user interface to our energy usage data.
  • Developed specifications for the new interface based on customer requirements and technology constraints.
  • Managed the implementation of the redesign, including technology choices, daily developer management, and acceptance testing.
  • Trained our customers and internal users on the new interface.

EnerNOC — San Francisco, CA August 2008-June 2010

Energy Services Analyst, Monitoring Based Comissioning Group
  • Built an internal web application that gave my team access to all building management data in an integrated display.
  • Discovered energy-savings opportunities for our customers by analyzing data from building automation systems.
  • Designed information graphics to help our customers prioritize their energy efficiency measures, and to quantify their energy savings.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Cambridge, MA 2006-2008

Research Assistant, Laboratory for Energy and the Environment
  • Demonstrated quantifiable environmental benefits of proposed offshore wind turbine installation for town of Hull, MA.
  • Computed the potential avoided emissions of the turbines based on the temporal correlation of wind resource and hourly unit-level marginal fossil emissions across the New England ISO.
  • Designed information graphics to communicate our findings to policymakers and the general public.
  • http://web.mit.edu/agrea/index.html

MIT Energy Map — 2006-2008

Developer, Extracurricular Project
  • Built the MIT Energy Map, an interactive visualization of the past six years of MIT’s energy use.
  • Initiated ongoing effort to gain access to MIT Facilities’ live metering data.
  • http://energymap.mit.edu

GreenBlue Institute — Charlottesville, VA 2005-2006

Database Developer
  • Designed and implemented CleanGredients online directory of the environmental impacts of cleaning product ingredients.
  • Enabled cleaning product formulators to choose chemical ingredients based on the ingredients’ environmental impacts along with their functional characteristics.
  • Incorporated needs and concerns of industry stakeholders and the EPA into the web application.
  • http://www.cleangredients.org

Harvard University — Cambridge, MA 2003-2004

Mechanical Design Assistant, Anderson Research Group
  • Provided mechanical design support to the group’s scientists in their work studying the chemistry of the atmosphere.
  • Redesigned aircraft based H2O isotope measurement instrument.
  • Designed, maintained and reassembled existing instruments and laboratory test apparatus.

Skylist — Austin, TX 2000-2003

Systems Administrator
  • Developed in-house ticketing system to track customer contacts.
  • Administered 250+ Linux, NT, and Mac servers.

Carnegie Mellon University — Pittsburgh, PA 1997-1999

Research Assistant, Laboratory for Sensor Based Planning
  • Developed control software for serpentine robot systems.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Cambridge, MA

S.M. Technology and Policy Program, June 2008
  • Thesis: The Environmental Benefits of Wind Generation — Challenges in the data and computation of avoided emissions associated with renewable electricity generation.

University of Virginia — Charlottesville, VA

M.S. Systems Engineering, January 2007
  • Thesis: Values and Data in a Boundary Object — The treatment of risk assessments and chemical hazard data in the CleanGredients database.

Carnegie Mellon University — Pittsburgh, PA

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, August 2000
  • Undergraduate research: control and design of serpentine robots.



  • D3.js, JavaScript, HTML, MATLAB, Octave, Perl, PHP, Processing, Python, R, Ruby, *SQL


  • Machine tool operation, woodworking, electronic assembly and testing, fiber-matrix composite fabrication.

Activities & Interests

  • MIT Generator, MIT Energy Club
  • Building a better world through green design, information visualization, and engineering for sustainability.
  • Riding and working on my bicycles; taking pictures; and learning.
  • Technology as a tool for knowing our world more completely.